WEBER RESCUE APP: Tips and tricks for accident rescue

You can get popular tips and tricks from WEBER RESCUE free of charge right now, also available to download as a practical APP in the App Store and from Google Play. So do not delay and install this practical assistant for training and deployment directly on your smartphone:

With the WEBER RESCUE APP you have our step-by-step instructions for the optimum use of hydraulic rescue equipment for accident rescues and at the deployment site. Split up into the following six categories according to deployment phase, the 73 tips available right now are quick to find and can assist you in tough deployment situations:

• Securing and situation assessment
• Initial opening
• Treatment and rescue opening
• Working techniques
• Truck Rescue
• Miscellaneous

Our tips and tricks originate from the experiences of our international team of trainers and present rescue techniques for the use of shears and spreaders that really work in practice - all with the aim of facilitating faster, safer and more effective work by fire brigades and emergency services. The benefits are apparent from the highly positive feedback and the popularity of the tips and tricks on Facebook and in the annual calendars. Also available as a printed book with the title "s’Büchle – Tipps und Tricks zur Unfallrettung" [tips and tricks for accident rescue].

The WEBER RESCUE Team wishes you lots of fun and every success.



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