Hydraulic Rescue Systems
Hydraulic Rescue Systems


  • Ultra-high-pressure hoses, with SINGLE or SKS couplings on both ends
  • Available as twin or coaxial (hose-in-hose system) hose versions
  • COAX hoses prevent the hose becoming twisted
  • Oil-filled, vulcanised as a pair
  • Available in various lengths and colours

Technical data


LengthPart no. yellowPart no. redWeight
5 m284764728476394,3 kg
10 m284766328476557,55 kg
15 m284768028476719,5 kg
20 m2847701284769813,0 kg


LengthPart no. yellowPart no. redWeight
5 m105260210526053,3 kg
10 m105260310526065,5 kg
15 m105260410526077,7 kg
20 m1053457105345510,0 kg

Other hose colours on request.

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