Hydraulische Rettungsgeräte
Hydraulische Rettungsgeräte

Rescue ram RZT 2-1500 E-FORCE3

Telescopic battery-powered rescue ram with a compact retracted insertion size and an extreme extended length due to our multi-stage constructionh

  • for better mobility and flexibility in use
  • extending to the final length of 1500 mm without any interruption
  • with integrated remaining length indication on the piston rod (DISTANCE) – the remaining length is always easily visible
  • battery not included

Technical data

Pushing force (1./2. stage)108 kN/62 kN
Closed length700 mm
Piston stroke (1./2. stage)428 mm/372 mm
Extended length1.500 mm
Weight (ready for use)21,7 kg
Part no.1094688
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