Pneumatic Rescue Systems
Pneumatic Rescue Systems

Gully-Sealing Bag Set

Gully-Sealing Bag Set
Gully-Sealing Bag Set
  • for the rapid sealing of street drains in the event of chemical spillages
  • prevents contaminated substances entering the waste water system
  • set is part of the standard equipment for intervention units

Gully-Sealing Bags 0,5 bar

Gully-Sealing Bag Set (1819496)
TypePart no.PiecesWeight
Gully-sealing bag 0.5 bar 300-500 mm, 2 m hose with rope813162712,4 kg
Mini controller 0.5 bar813161912,5 kg
Compressed air cylinder 1 l, 200 bar (empty)812381013,0 kg
Transport box 600 x 400 x 135 mm813159715,0 kg

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