Pneumatic Rescue Systems
Pneumatic Rescue Systems

lifting bag Accessories 8 BAR

Accessories 8 bar Lifting Bags
Accessories 8 bar Lifting Bags
Air sources
Pressure reducer 200/300 bar with connection hose 2 m, yellow8123713
Shut-off valve with safety device (0,3 m hose)8125988
Double deadman controller, fitting design8123730
Double deadman controller, plastic design8123721
Double deadman controller, metal design8143170
Double deadman controller, aluminium design8132224
Triple deadman controller, metal design8142335
Inflation hose 5 m, red8132178
Inflation hose 10 m, red8123799
Inflation hose 5 m, yellow8123756
Inflation hose 10 m, yellow8123780
Inflation hose 5 m, blue8132151
Inflation hose 10 m, blue8132135
Inflation hose 5 m, grey8132160
Inflation hose 10 m, grey8132143
Additional equipment independent of pressure level
Compressed air cylinder 6 l, 300 bar (empty)8123829
Collector 2x for compressed air cylinder8057990
Universal adapter kit8058865
Connecting hose 5 m, yellow8133751
Connecting hose 10 m, yellow1093410

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