Pneumatic Rescue Systems
Pneumatic Rescue Systems

Leak-Sealing Bandages 2,5 bar

  • for sealing pipes from the outside
  • manufactured from a rubber mixture that is highly resistant to chemicals
  • highly flexible even in the most challenging situations and applications
Single Leak-Sealing BANDAGES
TypePart no.Sealing Ø (mm)Dimension (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
LDB 125 x 250813392150 - 80125 x 250102,1
LDB 210 x 1.7008060525200 - 450210 x 1700106,7

Leak-Sealing BANDAGE SET

SET 15,1 kg (1101399)
TypePart no.Weight
LDB 125 x 25011013972,1 kg
LDB 210 x 170011013986,7 kg
Foot pump 1,5 bar81239182,5 kg
Filling hose 10 m blue80561881,5 kg

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