Pneumatic Rescue Systems
Pneumatic Rescue Systems

Leak-Sealing Lance Set 2,5 bar

Leak-Sealing Lance Set
Leak-Sealing Lance Set
  • for the remote sealing of leaks
  • can be positioned and inflated from a safe distance
  • cone-shaped sealing bags for the rapid sealing of tanks that have been punctured by fork tines
  • conical sealing bags for sealing round holes
Single Leak-Sealing LanceS
TypDimensionPart no.Weight
Leak-sealing bag, 1/6 wedge230 x 60 x 5011013920,3 kg
Leak-sealing bag, 2/8 wedge230 x 80 x 5511013930,4 kg
Leak-sealing bag, 3/11 wedge230 x 110 x 7011013940,5 kg
Leak-sealing bag, 4/7 cone230 x 65 x 6511013950,3 kg
Sealing lance 35 cm350 x 15 x 1511013960,3 kg

Leak-Sealing Lances 8,2 kg

Leak-Sealing Lance Set (1101391)
Consisting ofTypePart no.PiecesWeight
Leak-sealing bag, 2,5 bar, wedge1/6110139210,3 kg
Leak-sealing bag 2,5 bar, wedge2/8110139310,4 kg
Leak-sealing bag 2,5 bar, wedge3/11110139410,5 kg
Leak-sealing bag 2,5 bar, cone4/7110139510,3 kg
Leak-sealing lace 2,5 bar, 35 cm
813176740,4 kg
Shutoff valve
813177510,9 kg
Foot pump with pressure relief valve
812391812,5 kg
Transport box
813159715,0 kg

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