Basic Extrication box

  • All important equipment for the first attack in a practical box
  • Glass management, stabilization and patient protection until the rescue kit arrives
  • Optimal use of the space in the fire vehicle
  • No expensive individual special brackets necessary
  • Includes gadget bag for exploring

Consisting of

1x GLAS-EX with spring center punch 
2x Patient protection pad 150 x 200 cm
1x Protection shield triangle
1x Protection pad 65 x 65 cm
1x Protection pad 200 x 40 cm
1x Prying tool
1x Rescue scissors
1x Marker red
1x Adhesive tape WEBER RESCUE
1x Tape dispenser
1x Bag for gadgets

Packed in EUROBOX (600 x 400 x 320 mm)

Technical data

Dimensions L/H/W600 x 400 x 320 cm
Weight24,5 kg
Part no.1099879

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