Tool brackets

  • individually adapted to suit their respective device series, for a perfect fit
  • all brackets are available to be horizontally or vertically mounted in the truck
  • additional securing of tool via an easy-to-operate tensioning strap
  • two-part plastic mounts for a flexible and long-lasting attachment
  • at approx. 1.5 kg the brackets are extremely lightweight
CutterLying bracketStanding bracket
S 5010986201098620
RSX 16010934731093474
RSU 180 (PLUS ) + RSX 180 (PLUS)10879041087924
RSU 210 (PLUS ) + RSX 200 (PLUS)10878661087923
RSC 170 (PLUS)11035271103531
RSC 190 (PLUS)11035281103532
RSC 200 (PLUS)11035291103533
RSC F7 (PLUS)11035301103534
SpreaderLying bracketStanding bracket
SP 44 AS10923201092321
SP 4910879071087927
SP 50 BS / SP 54 AS10986231098624
SP 64 BS / SP 84 CS10986251098626
Rescue ramLying bracketStanding bracket
RZ 1-850, RZ 2-1290, RZ 3-164010879091087929
RZT 210879201087930
RZT 2 XL10879211087931
RZT 3 XL10879221087932
RZ 1-910 E-FORCE / SMART-FORCE10879371087950
RZT 2 E-FORCE / SMART-FORCE (*not for RZT 2-1170 E-FORCE / SMART-FORCE)10879381087951
Combi toolsLying bracketStanding bracket
RIT-TOOL incl. interchangeable tips 10986211098622
SPS 270 MK210879391087952
SPS 360 MK210879401087953
SPS 370 MK210879411087954
SPS 480 MK211046621104663
Additional equipmentLying bracketStanding bracket

If not explicitly stated, suitable for all types of drive (hose-bound, E-FORCE, SMART-FORCE).

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