HEAVY RESCUE in Slovenia from 9-11 September

11. Sep 2022Adriane Körber

For three days in September, everything revolved around technical assistance in Maribor. Among other things, the training event was framed by the Texport Action Days. Here, firefighters trained in the use of personal protective equipment and the handling of contaminated clothing in a fire container.

One innovation was a station for young firefighters ("rookies") and a group for women firefighters. Younger and inexperienced rookies were able to participate in a programme that was adapted according to their level of knowledge.

"The fact that female firefighters are often given less consideration in training than their male colleagues motivated us to establish a dedicated HRS Ladies Station," says Blanka Kroflic, instructor at WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS and part of the HEAVY RESCUE 2022 event team.

On the last day, 11 September, in memory of the 343 firefighter comrades who fell during the 2001 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center 9/11.



📸© Markus Werner

📸© Janez Mandeljc

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