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29. Nov 2019 

Every year in november our Japanese general agency for rescue equipment FUNAYAMA on the east coast of Japan organizes in Nagaoka/Niigata Prefecture.

Firefighters from all over the country can learn how to use rescue equipment at various stations in a very practical way. The participants go through the training day on the basis of various scenarios, prepared car accidents and explanatory stations, whereby the focus is not on the presentation of the latest rescue equipment, but rather on how to use the device efficiently and in a targeted manner. Another topic that is increasingly in demand from participants is new vehicle technologies and alternative drive technologies, which have meanwhile found their way into traffic and thus also into the accident world.

The instructors for rescueDAYS in Japan come from Japan, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany. This means that different rescue techniques, tips and tricks as well as different tactics are used that can be helpful to the firefighters later in the operation.

With this event modeled on rescueDAYS in Germany, FUNAYAMA 2012 was the pioneer in the field of training events for technical assistance in Japan and hit the bull's eye. At that time there was no comparable event nationwide. The need for instruction and training with hydraulic rescue equipment was enormous.

The event will take place for the ninth time in 2020, so that it is fair to say that the event has proven itself and has been established. The number of visitors from 230 participants this year also speaks for itself. The places for participants are in high demand among Japanese firefighters and are sold out in a very short space of time. Participants and visitors from neighboring Asian countries also travel to rescueDAYS in Japan. For example, a complete team from Taiwan was involved this year.

The entire week is not only planned by the organizer FUNAYAMA accurately and is carried out precisely and on time, but is also associated with an enormous logistical effort. From catering for the participants to the mobile drying room for wet operational clothing. In short: A complete tent city with field kitchen is provided. It is no wonder that our partner and organizer FUNAYAMA copes with it so perfectly every time - in Japan this is considered to be a full equipment provider for all conceivable equipment for civil protection. In the meantime there have been some attempts from elsewhere to copy rescueDAYS Japan, but the run to the participant places and the consistently good feedback prove us right: the original remains unmatched.

We are proud and grateful to have such a reliable and competent partner at our side with FUNAYAMA.

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