RESCUE DAYS 2021 - Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine

06. Okt 2021Adriane Körber
Rescue DAYS 2021
Rescue DAYS 2021

Although we weren't able to offer you the one "big" international rescueDAYS event, some small rescueDAYS events took place in different countries this year. For example in Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. Each event was a highlight in itself. A big thank you goes to all participants as well as to the participating trainers of our instructor team for the great organization and commitment!

We are looking forward to the rescueDAYS events in 2022 with you and the upcoming DIGITAL rescueDAYS 2021.


rescueDAYS 2022

WHEN: October 6 to 9, 2022
WHERE: Paderborn, Germany


Rescue Days POLAND

Rescue Days UKRAINE

Rescue Days Brasil

Don't miss it! 

DIGITAL rescueDAYS 2021

We still have good news for everyone who couldn't be there this year! Also this year there will be rescueDAYS in digital form with new and exciting content. More information will follow shortly!

Contents of DIGITAL rescueDAYS 2020 - AVAILABLE EVERY TIME!!

Are you interested in last year's rescueDAYS content? No problem! These are also still available for purchase in the WEBER RESCUE SHOP!No problem! These are also still available for purchase in the WEBER RESCUE SHOP!

  • Modern vehicle technology
  • Truck rescue
  • Chain rescue
  • Car under trailer
  • Car on barrier
  • Securing, lifting, stabilizing
  • Crossramming
Digital rescueDAYS
Digital rescueDAYS

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