SPS 370zoom
SPS 370
Spreading force in working range* 44 - 783 kN
Spreading distance* 370 mm
Pulling distance 346 mm
Closing force* 52 kN
Max. cutting force (round steel bar)* Ø 30 mm
Max. cutting force* 50 t / 491 kN
Weight 16,0 kg
EN class CK 37/370-H-16
Cutting performance (EN 13204) 1I-2J-3H-4J-5I
NFPA class A7/B8/C7/D8/E8
Removable tips Yes
Combatible with RZM 740 No
Part no. 1063314

SPS 370

Efficiency meets variety

Cutting, spreading, pushing and pulling - with one tool!

  • Removable 360° adjustable handle - ideal for restricted and confined space operation
  • Unique WEBER-control for fine-tuned precision handling
  • Blades can be re-sharpened and are complete with a notch for cutting round bars
  • Compatible with chain set and mechanical rescue rams