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Rescue cylindersxRZ 1-1810xRZ 1-850xRZ 2-1290xRZ 3-1640xRZT 2-600xRZT 2-775xRZT 2-1170xRZT 2-1500xRZT 2-1500 XLxRZT 3-1310 XL
Pushing force36.4 kN137.4 kN137.4 kN137.4 kN189.4/99.0 kN189.4/99.0 kN189.4/99.0 kN189.4/99.0 kN269.4/129.5 kN269.4/129.5/45.4 kN
Closed length990 mm530 mm750 mm1,100 mm300 mm395 mm540 mm650 mm650 mm480 mm
Piston stroke820 mm320 mm540 mm540 mm300 mm380 mm630 mm850 mm852 mm830 mm
Extended length1,810 mm850 mm1,290 mm1,640 mm600 mm775 mm1,170 mm1,500 mm1,502 mm1,310 mm
Weight13.5 kg11.5 kg16.2 kg19.1 kg9.1 kg11.3 kg15.0 kg17.8 kg20.7 kg17.0 kg
EN classR 137-320-11,5R137-540-16,2R137-540-19,1TR189/165-99/135-9,1TR189/210-99/170-11,3TR189/360-99/270-15,0TR189/470-99/380-17,8TR269/445-130/407-20,7
Part no.1077052593380359337815933765593693459314011050149105004159320255934133