RESCUE DAYS is the worldwide largest training event on technical rescue. WEBER HYDRAULIK - one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic rescue systems - initiated a seminar series more than 10 years ago and are continuing it with RESCUE DAYS as an annual highlight.

RESCUE DAYS 2016 in Bad Kreuznach

Why is there RESCUE DAYS?

The number of applications in the field of technical assistance is continually increasing. This can be attributed, not to the least, to the increase in traffic on country roads and motorways. 

Time and again, new motor vehicle technology and the diversity of automobiles on the road present new challenges for fire brigades and rescue organisations. Yet, in order to be prepared for these situations, it is necessary to work out various accident scenarios and to gain knowledge on the applied technology. The training covers the areas of car,truck and bus rescues.

RESCUE DAYS intends to address rescue workers of diverse nationalities. INDULGE IN AN EXPERIENCE - within the framework RESCUE DAYS participants and instructors, from inland and abroad, can become acquainted with new rescue techniques as well as with the wealth of experience of others.