The international RescueDAYS is the world’s largest training event for technical rescue and has been taking place once at different venues in Germany for more than 15 years. 
WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS also holds rescueDAYS throughout the world, including in Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and Portugal.

New vehicle technologies and the numerous types of vehicles on the streets always present the fire services and rescue organisations with new challenges. In order to be prepared in these situations, it is necessary to train for different accident scenarios and to gain knowledge about the technology used. The training covers the areas of car, truck and bus rescue. During rescueDAYS, participants can learn new rescue techniques and exchange experiences with participants from all over the world, because technical accident rescue does not work the same way everywhere.

rescue DAYS 2022

06. - 09. October 2022
Paderborn (Germany)

After the rescueDAYS 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to coronavirus, the world‘s largest training event for technical assistance will finally take place live again in 2022. The city of Paderborn and the fire brigade will support the event as partners.

rescue DAYS Original (two days)

As in 2019, we are focusing on the rescueDAYS Original, each of which will run for two days. That means you have the possibility to participate in the rescueDAYS either on Thursday and Friday or on Saturday and Sunday.

Moderne Fahrzeugtechnik
Moderne Fahrzeugtechnik

Modern vehicle technologies

LKW Rettung
LKW Rettung

Truck rescue


Crossramming (Side impact)

PKW unter Trailer
PKW unter Trailer

Passenger car under trailer


Chain rescue


Passenger car on barrier


Lifting, securing and stabilising


Rear impact

rescue DAY Symposium (one day)

Besides to the rescueDAYS Original training seminars, a rescueDAY SYMPOSIUM will take place on Friday 07 October and on Saturday 08 October. You can look forward to interesting lectures by renowned experts from the international firefighting scene!

E-mobility deployment experience

Battery safety in heavy commercial vehicles

Demonstration of chain rescue

Operational concept E-Mobility Upper Austria

Car accidents - unusual but feasible

Safety concept of HV vehicles

Increasing occupant protection through the new crash regulation ECE-R29 03

Vehicle manufacturers and fire brigades - what's new in cooperation

Digital rescueDAYS

We offer the rescueDAYS in the form of online courses in our WEBER RESCUE Academy! The world's largest technical rescue training event for all participants accessible from home. 

All training films + e-learning of DIGITAL rescueDAYS 2020 can be booked here:

The bundle of the Digital rescueDAYS contains seven courses based on the training stations of the rescueDAYS:

  • Modern vehicle technology
  • Truck rescue
  • Chain rescue
  • Car under Trailer
  • Car on barrier
  • Securing, lifting, stabilizing
  • Crossramming

For each station we offer you a detailed e-learning course for the theoretical basics including performance review and a subsequent certificate for participation as well as a video of at least 30 minutes in which our instructor team will explain the respective rescue technique step-by-step on the vehicle. Just like it would have been in Munich at the real rescueDAYS!

The course can be started at any time and repeated at will!

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