E-FORCE3 - The new generation of battery tools

27. Feb 2020Uwe Drozdowski

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS is presenting an updated series of E-FORCE battery tools just in time for the RETTmobil fire brigade trade fair and the world's leading trade fair INTERSCHUTZ which will be highlight in 2020. 

The two most important improvements are the new drive with switchover technology and a connection point for converting hose-bound to battery-operated rescue devices.

Speed Control - More speed through modern switching technology

Due to the newly developed switching valve the rescue system is always in the maximum possible speed range, comparable to an automatic transmission that always uses in the optimal gear. This increases the working speed by at least 25%, depending on the application, meaning the rescue tools even much faster. In addition to the switching valve, the basic speed of the new E-FORCE3 tools is once again noticeably increased.

X-Change - new point of connection for more flexibility

The new generation of hose-bound cutters, spreaders and combination devices from WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS can be converted to E-FORCE3 battery-powered devices at any time via a new point of connection. This means more flexible decision-making. The conversion must be completed by a WEBER RESCUE certified workshop. That means: buy a hose-bound device today and switch to battery technology tomorrow! The conversion can also be carried out in the other direction, i.e. from a battery to a hose-bound drive with a conventional power unit.

Further improvements of the E-FORCE series are:

  • The 360 ° rotatable and foldable handle made of glass fiber reinforced plastic requires minimal space during use and storage. This plastic handle with an optimized grip surface isolates the operator even with a voltage of up to 1,000 volts.
  • The additional LED lighting to the front and rear ensures uniform illumination of the work area.
  •  All controls of the rescue equipment are striking and striking in red.

The new scissors and spreaders of the E-FORCE series are complemented by a wide range of accessories. The proven 28 volt battery also fits on the extensive MILWAUKEE power tool range. Saber, circular and jigsaws, impact drills and screwdrivers and other cordless tools can be operated with it.

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